Liferpg Android: Boost Your Daily Life Motivation

Challenging our self to complete mission to achieve goals in life and failing is a common pattern. Let's overcome this by using LifeRPG ,a life changing app.that boosts your motivation.
We have all played RPG games.RPG stands for Role Playing Games.Have you ever wanted to complete a task but lost your motivation during time? I think we all have faced this problem. Integrating the idea of RPG in our life we can solve this problem drastically and we'll stay motivated and disciplined. LifeRPG is a brilliant app that boosts your confidence by rewarding on completing each task. And the best part is, the app is easily customizable. To be disciplined and get rewarded this app is a must.

LifeRPG Home

 Guide on how to use LifeRPG:

The functionality is very much simple -
  1. You set your mission/task and add Difficulty,Urgency and Fear percentage.

  2. LifeRPG Settings

  3. You can also add Due Date, Repetition, Duration and most importantly RP or Reward Points
  4. The app then calculates the XP or Experience Points you will gain completing the task.
One of the most useful features is the ability to create custom rewards. You can set anything you want as a reward and set required RP for it. For example, you can set certain required Reward Point to get the reward "Watch a Movie". You can collect the Reward Points by completing each tasks.

You can also add Skills and you can increase them by completing mission/task.

LifeRPG Settings 2

You can add icons for each tasks which are shipped with the app.

LifeRPG Icons

Interestingly you can use emojis as icons just by typing them using your keyboard. We found the Home-Screen widgets of the app pretty useful. Not just for being handy, besides it reminds you of the tasks each time you look at your phone's home screen.

LifeRPG Widgets

However, unless you can gain and spend Reward Points in a systematic way, you'll find it less effective. The most effective system we found will be described in future articles.

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